Class Hours and Study Abroad Examination (EJU) and Ability Examination (JLPT)

1月生1月 翌年の3月

12:50 4時限
~16:50 4時限




Entrance Guide for the Ability Test

1st Examination Date: Early July every year
Application period: March to April every year
2nd Examination Date: Early December every year
Application period: August to September every year

Course of study

Using many years of educational experience, we realized our unique university admission guidance system. through short-term study, we have established special practical exercises and admission guidance courses that enable students to accurately master advanced Japanese, and maintain a high rate of university admission. through a year and a half or two-year systematic course, we educate students so that they can eventually pass the ideal university, short-term university, and vocational college.

レベル期間授 業 内 容
上級約360~480時間高度な日本語能力、聴解能力、思考能力、論文能力、日本留学試験対策、日本語能力試験1級対策、進学指導 大学予備課程

Graduate School 

Thesis guidance by active university professors in Japan

Fulfilling instructors

Many Japanese language school teachers have completed 420 hours of Japanese language courses, but our faculty, including active university professors, PhDs and masters who are unparalleled at other schools, will carefully guide the thesis, and will help you with research planning and submitting the thesis to the university. in order to acquire the Japanese language that can be used for majoring at the university, we have a variety of activities in the classroom.

Preparing for School


Take those who want to study for graduate students as the object, carry on the effective further education instruction. The implementation of the "briefing meeting on further Education" and individual tutoring, as well as the establishment of "preparatory classes for college studies", "Japanese study abroad examination" and "Japanese proficiency examination", and so on, to support further education with a foolproof system. For excellent students, through the designated school recommendation system and guide the introduction of professors, to provide convenience for further study.
The special course of graduate school is aimed at entering the national public graduate school, Waseda, Qingying, Shangzhi, GMARCH (study Institute, Meiji, Castle Peak College, Lijiao, Central Committee, Law and Administration) and other famous graduate schools. Through the courses of "study abroad examination Countermeasures", "College entrance examination past problems Countermeasures", "interview examination Countermeasures" and other courses, we can cultivate the Japanese ability needed for the examination. In addition, through "Campus Dialogue", "report production", "listening to handout methods" and other courses, to cultivate graduate students after further study, no matter which major needs the skills, thinking ability, article ability.


  • A small class with high goals, a learning environment where you can learn from each other
  • Unique Annual Curriculum for Passing the Graduate School of Difficulty
  • Training skills necessary after graduation
  • High scores in the study abroad examination
  • Individual study time supports students' advancement measures according to their goals and circumstances
  • Thorough admission support through individual counseling

Course for obtaining the status of residence "Specific Skill No. 1"

From 2019, the possibility of employment in Japan has expanded!


"Specific Skill No. 1" is a specialized skill set to address Japan's severe labor shortage.
a new kind of residence created to accept foreigners who have gate character and skills and who will become immediate combatants.
it is a residence permit.
You can work in Japan for up to five years. In total, we will be accepting applications in 14 areas.
If you pass the N2 level and the "Skill Measurement Test" in each field, you will be eligible for residence status.
you can get it.

 レベル 所要時間授 業 内 容
初級約360~480 時間発音練習、生活会話、基本文型、作文、初級読解、聴解、日本文化、能力試験3級合格
中級約360~480 時間中級読解、会話表現応用、聴解、新聞速読 日本企業文化、日本語能力試験2級対策


  • Support for obtaining residence status
  • Regulations on Measurement and Examination of Specific Skills and Technology

 Use time outside the course to prepare for technical measurement tests, interview and we will provide guidance on how to write a resume and support you to secure employment in cooperation with the industry.

  • Our graduates also take on job counseling and kindly support us.