Student's own information

Application Form (Applicant) Reasons for studying abroad

Photo 4 pcs (4cm X 3cm)

Diploma (final Education) Transcript of transcript

Certificate of Enrollment (Currently Student) or Certificate of Employment (Employed Person)

Certificate of Japanese Language Learning Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 5 or above / J.TEST / F Level or above or other passing certificate

Expense Supporters' Materials

Expenses for living in Japan Parents or relatives in their own country

Expense Supporting Paper (Described by Supporting Paper)

Bank balance certificate (equivalent to 2.5 million yen) and statement for three years

Certificate of employment of expense manager (translated summary) and proof of income for the past three years 

Copy of the family register of the expense bearer, family notary certificate or parent-child certificate

Expenses borne by those in Japan

Expense Supporting Paper (Described by Supporting Paper)

Tax certificate (required for 3 years of total annual income)

Bank balance proof (5 million yen or more, clearly state the status of deposits and withdrawals)

Certificate of residence certificate (residence certificate for all households) or original alien registration certificate

     Certificate of seal

      Certificate of employment

Company Owner: Copy of Company Register

Self-employed: Copy of tax return

(in case of relatives of the supporting person in Japan)

(the seal of the expense statement corresponds to the seal of the seal certificate.)