Comments from the school principal

Since our school opened in 1988, our motto has been ``Education is nothing but character development,'' and we have produced many talented individuals with a wealth of knowledge and humanity who can thrive in a global society.
Take the first step at our school to improve your Japanese language skills so that you can easily learn specialized knowledge at Japanese universities and understand social morals and manners.
In the future, I hope that you will be able to leave university and become a person who can contribute to international exchange in various fields in your homeland and Japan.
 We would like to express our deep respect and gratitude to our seniors who have contributed to the establishment and development of the school for the sake of Japan-China friendship and international friendship since its opening, and we are repaying the favor by working together with all the faculty and staff to uphold and nurture the school's founding principles. I hope to do so.



Good environment

Our school is located in Sakai, the central town of Tokyo, Shinjuku Ward, Shibuya Ward, and Nakano Ward, and there are libraries, convenience stores, post offices, and supermarkets near the school. Nakano Regional Center, subway, bus, etc. It is very convenient for daily life and has good transportation links.

Excellent lecturer

Our school was established in 1988 and has a history of 33 years. Although it is a small school with a capacity of 190 students, it is a school that emphasizes the quality of education, consisting of university professors, faculty with doctorates, and experienced personnel with Japanese language teaching ability. We provide appropriate guidance based on understanding each student's characteristics. For this reason, we place emphasis on the EJU for entrance into national universities and first-class private universities, and can provide guidance that will help you score high marks. We also organize small classes for students who wish to go on to graduate school, and provide support for writing unique essays, research plans, interviews, etc. .

Comprehensive scholarship system

Applicants who meet certain conditions such as good attendance, personality, and grades, or students who have been accepted into a top university, will receive preferential treatment such as scholarships after being examined by the board of directors.
We will also recommend scholarships from the Japan Study Abroad Organization.

Enthusiastic life guidance

Lifestyle instructors who can speak Chinese, Korean, and English will consult with students to resolve their various concerns. We regularly report the status of our studies and living to our families in our home countries. We listen to the requests of students who wish to be introduced to part-time jobs and support introductions within the legal scope. We will also assist you in finding a job after graduation.

Various extracurricular activities

We offer a variety of extracurricular activities.

Comfortable student dormitory

Our student dormitories are located 7 to 10 minutes walk from the school, making it very convenient for commuting. In addition, there are convenience stores, supermarkets, post offices, subways, buses, etc. nearby, so you can feel safe living there. The rooms are equipped with bunk beds, a bathroom, a refrigerator, and an air conditioner, providing a safe environment for studying.