Xiaoliang Wang Chinese Student entranced in April 2004

The most important thing I learned at the International Humanities and Foreign Languages Academy was to "live strongly with conviction."
After graduating from a Japanese language school, I entered a vocational school, studied IT technology, went through university and graduate school, and finally got a doctorate. I spent 16 years of school life in Japan while working part-time from Japanese school to doctoral program.
we overcame various difficulties and achieved our final goal with conviction.
now, I am returning to my homeland and working on a project to make a robotic massage machine using the knowledge I have learned. at the same time, I would like to convey to the younger generation the importance of "living with faith."

Fumao Zhang Chinese Student entranced in October2007

I came from Dalian Cooperative School of International Humanities and Foreign Languages. the aim is to acquire advanced Japanese language and develop listening and writing skills. the result was that I passed the university I wanted by "short essay and interview." the lecturers at the school are many active university professors and they are good at teaching essays, so the descriptions in the study abroad exams were always above average. In just one year, I gained the ability to pass college.
I am currently working on Japan-China trade using my university knowledge.

Ni Wang Chinese Student entranced in October2007

After coming to Japan, I passed Komazawa Women's University in one year.The classes of the International Humanities and Foreign Languages School were small class sizes, and excellent teachers taught me with their own unique teaching methods, so I was able to enter the university I was aiming for.
I took a step overseas and learned a lot. Especially during the year at the Japanese language school, I got to know Japanese life, made many friends, and learned how to change my mindset and ideas, which was a big plus for me. that made the interaction with the Japanese more enjoyable. not only did I go to university, but I also grew as a person.

BAYARSAIKHAN MARALMAA Mongol Student entranced in April 2014

There are no kanji in Mongolian language, so I had a hard time studying Japanese.
I thought I would give up many times and go back to my country, but I did my best with the encouragement of the teachers and the teachers of life guidance. gradually, I became good at Japanese and I became able to communicate, and I was able to have valuable experiences to discover myself and various things about Japan, and I came to love it.
I was working part-time at a hotel, so I studied the excellent Japanese service spirit, and in the future I wanted to return to Mongolia and build a Japanese-style hotel, so I entered a hotel service vocational school.

Kapali Raju Nepalese Student entranced in July 2016

I want to work in Japan in the future, so I came to study abroad. my teacher told me that if you have a university degree in Nepal, you can get a job after finishing the Japanese language school.
since I am not a student in the kanji area, it is difficult to get a job at a Japanese company without communication skills.
The teacher told me that entering a Japanese language school + vocational school, you will acquire one skill, improve your Japanese language skills, and the range of companies that suit you will be wider.
he learned about Japanese circumstances and corporate culture, which he incorporated into the Japanese language course in international humanities, and learned rules and manners, and was often praised at interviews at vocational schools. I was able to go to school with plenty of time.
He was awarded the second prize at the graduation pardy. it is a good memory.

VU THI HAE Vietnamese Student entranced in October 2017

It is said that many Vietnamese students study abroad to earn money, but I do not.
it is true that it is difficult to remember because I do not understand kanji. to do that, I worked hard and spent most of my time outside of part-time work studying.
the teachers were kind, experienced and gave easy-to-understand classes.
I was given homework every day, but I was able to improve my Japanese carefully, passed N2 in just one and a half years and passed the university entrance examination smoothly.
the school regularly held international exchange meetings, and the Japanese were invited to have a fun time. through part-time work, I deepened my friendship with the Japanese.
now I am at university, I want to study happily and after graduating, I want to work in trade between Japan and Vietnam.

Shuxian Han Korean Student entranced in October 2019

Before coming to Japan, I wanted to enter a short-term university after passing the first level of Japanese and become an engineer in the future, but after coming to Japan, I learned about working in specific skills.
Unfortunately, at the end of the year, the impact of the spread of the coronavirus infection was so great that a state of emergency was declared in Tokyo and classes were suspended for two months, so I changed my mind.
I consulted with my teacher, worked on the content of the course for employment that suits me, practiced interview training every day, and asked an intermediary agency to introduce jobs while taking lectures on the line for a while.
the teacher in charge of the school thoroughly prepared for the Japanese language proficiency test and taught me carefully about the corporate culture.
Thanks to this, I passed the second grade and job exams and interviews even as the coronavirus infection spread in 2020, so I was able to work immediately after graduation.